Les Moyens de Transport
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Situation one:

You are planning a trip to France this summer. You are planning to travel at the beginning of August for two weeks. Go to the travel agency to gather some information about the countryside. Ask for brochures and maps. You are looking for some quiet villages in an interesting region. The employee makes some recommendation and gives you ideas for your visit there (museum, castles, bed and breakfast –she knows the owner and the food is excellent-). You also would like to be not too far from the sea and would like to rent a car.

Situation two:

You are organizing your winter vacation. You won money at the lottery and you decided to use it to learn how to ski. Ask the travel agent to recommend you a good ski resort (une station de ski). The employee tells you everything about the Alps and the Pyrenees:  where are the good hotels, restaurants, shops to rent your equipment (skis, boots, batons…).The travel agent also tells you about the history of the place, how many ski slopes/ski lifts are available (green for beginners, blue and red for better skiers and black for experts). He or she also provides you with how to get there (the train ride is only four hours). Ask him or her if she knows some ski instructors.

Situation three:

When you arrive at the airport in Nantes, your luggage is not in the baggage claim area. You speak with a service representative. Describe your luggage, explain why you and your luggage did not arrive on the same flight and make arrangements to have the bags delivered to your hotel. Describe clothing and accessories. Describe personal care articles.