Situation one:

You are in Miami International Airport and you find out that your flight has been delayed 7 hours. Next to you is an elderly woman who appears to not be from the U.S. Greet and close appropriately.

Include questions and answers for a polite conversation with a stranger and find out all you need to know about each other.

Situation two:

You are a guest at a party, you meet new friends; introduce yourself, talk about where you are from, where you live, your marital status, your job, and your education. Your new friend introduces you to new friends, ask the same information from your new friends.

Situation three:

You are a new arrival on base, go to the personnel office to acquire a new military identification card. The employee will ask you the following questions:

Family name:

First name:



Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:

Particular Signs:



Marital Status:


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