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Situation one:

You are an exchange student and are living with a family for three months. It is your turn to help with the shopping. Go to the market and purchase 5 items for a meal: appetizer, beverage, entrée, main dish ingredients and a dessert. Greet and close appropriately.                                                         

Situation two:

You are organizing a party. You ask your wife/friend what you need to bring from the supermarket. He/she says you need 2 bags of potatoes, some salad, some chips and 10 coca-cola bottles. You ask if he/she needs something for the dessert. He/she says that she will not need any dessert this time but that you should buy some sausages and pasta for Monday. Ask her if he/she needs other vegetables. He/she already has green beans, peas and broccoli but he/she could use some tomatoes. Tell him/her the tomatoes are not an option because of the salmonella.

Situation three:

You are at the restaurant ordering your meal. Ask if there is a very good appetizer. The waiter/waitress tells you about this delicious cucumber salad. You order the salad, rice and beef. You also ask for the bill because you are in a hury. He/she comes back with the bill but there is a problem, explain that you did not have any cheese. He/she says that he/she will be right back with the right amount.